How to Organize Photo Collection with FOSS

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Nov 1 16:10:23 MST 2006

I'd like to get some opinions from everyone about how they organize their digital
photo collections.

Right now I am using gallery2 and I'm not happy with how I started. I have about
1,000 family photos spanning 4 years in there right now. I've made the mistake of
organizing them by family member rather than by date. What I've learned is that my
gallery visitors don't want to see them organized by person, but by event. Of
course, recent events are the most interesting and so date organization would work
better for me.

Also, I'd like to attach a story to a group of pictures to sort of digitally
scrapbook special events. I almost want a blog/gallery jammed together.

So, since I'll pretty much have to start from scratch, what do you recommend as
tools for the job?


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