Ultimate PVR?

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri Mar 31 13:00:24 MST 2006

Michael Halcrow wrote:
> Note that there is some funkiness with the tveeprom module and the
> PVR-250 and the pcHDTV-3000 together in the same box. Basically, you
> can't use the tveeprom that ships w/ the IVTV driver; you have to use
> the one shipping w/ the kernel, and it has been ``reported to work''
> w/ the PVR-250... well, I suppose that pretty much everything in a
> MythTV box gives you only a ``reported to work'' level of guarantee.
> It's a project. ;-)

Are you using Gentoo?  Gentoo smooths out the rough edges in MythTV, 
because the types of tweaks I've had to do don't lend themselves well to 
a binary distribution.  Once it's set up, I've found MythTV to be quite 
solid.  My young kids even use it to watch cartoons.

I will qualify that by saying MythTV depends heavily on the MySQL 
database, and it's quite possible to corrupt the database if you lose 
power while recording.  That happened to me and it was a real puzzle 
until I ran recovery utilities on MySQL.  So I'd say a UPS is essential 
for a stable MythTV setup.

Also, I put all shows on a dedicated hard drive partition.  That turned 
out to be a really good choice because MythTV often fills up the partition.


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