Ultimate PVR?

Michael Halcrow mike at halcrow.us
Thu Mar 30 19:21:49 MST 2006

On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 06:07:00AM +0000, Jason Holt wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> >I just found a small posting about a pcHDTV-3000...  Any ideas
> >about that?
> That's the one I have my eye on.  Designed for linux, does analog but also 
> HDTV, natively supported by Myth.

That's the other capture card I have in my MythTV box. I got it to
work once about a year ago, and I haven't gone through the trouble of
getting it to work again since. I made a few half-hearted tries over
the last month, but my focus has mainly been on getting regular NTSC
capture stable (at this point, sometimes shows get lost in the void of
the MythTV database records or the channel doesn't change right,
throwing the satellite receiver into la-la land until I manually
intervene to get it back into a sane state).

I also lost all my recorded shows when I upgraded from MythTV 0.18 to
0.19, and I can't for the life of me play or convert any of my old NUV
files with any players (``unrecognized format'' at every turn). After
hours of struggling with MySQL upgrades/downgrades/exports/imports,
along with struggles w/ obscure scripts that run obscure binaries that
contain inline assembly that can only compile w/ GCC version
2.95... well, let's just say that enough is enough.

Note that there is some funkiness with the tveeprom module and the
PVR-250 and the pcHDTV-3000 together in the same box. Basically, you
can't use the tveeprom that ships w/ the IVTV driver; you have to use
the one shipping w/ the kernel, and it has been ``reported to work''
w/ the PVR-250... well, I suppose that pretty much everything in a
MythTV box gives you only a ``reported to work'' level of guarantee.

It's a project. ;-)

Diogenes, having abandoned his search for truth, is now searching for
a good fantasy.
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