Web Hosting on a "Virtual Dedicated Server"

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 14:49:32 MST 2006

The servers are physically located at a NOC, in either Denver, Atlanta
or FL (sorry it's a bit luck of the draw on that one), comes with
100MB pipe 200GB transfer standard, but you can go as high as Gigabit
pipe and unmetered if needs be.

I use their low end model for running MMORPG and FPS gaming and
development servers, I regularly have 200+ active connections, and
have never had a problem yet.  Uptime for me has been 95% thus far (I
did have an outage 3 weeks ago for about 2 hours), I have 6 servers I
currently maintain with this place, average turn around time for
provisioning is 24 hours, but critical response time (i.e. Help I
unmerged SSH by accident and can't login anymore (yes I did that by
accident once)) type stuff is about 30 minutes.  I resell for these
folks, so you do have a throat close at hand to throttle should things
go wrong ;)

Anyways if interested just drop me a line off list smorrey at gmail.com ,
since I don't want to turn this into a personal advertisement.

On 3/30/06, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/30/06, Steve <smorrey at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Well if you're willing to go $50 per month I know of a truly dedicated
> > server option.
> > You can install any flavor of linux you want on it, and install any apps.
> > Comes with SSH standard, and full root access.
> > Lemme know if your interested, since a VDS is really not much
> > different than a regular Shared situation, everyones using the same
> > small set of resources, and you may be sharing a machine with up to
> > several hundred domains etc.
> I'm interested.  Where is this located?  How big is the pipe?
> Thanks,
> -Bryan
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