Ultimate PVR?

Jason Holt jason at lunkwill.org
Wed Mar 29 23:55:27 MST 2006

Speaking of Hauppauge cards, my WinTV card has been putting out terrible 
sounding audio from the TV tuner when I use either a loopback cable to my 
sound card or use the btaudio module to create /dev/dsp2.  On the scope, it 
looks like a lot of it is around 16khz (which is half of what some people 
claim is the sample rate for the btaudio device).  I put a low pass filter 
inline with the loopback cable, but that muffles the sound quite a bit, and 
it's still distorted to boot.  Although I'm almost positive it's not a gain 
problem, my sound card's sampling seems to exacerbate the problem -- if I send 
the line out from the WinTV to the amp directly rather than digitizing, it 
doesn't sound nearly as bad as when I digitize it with the sound card. 
Strange, eh?


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