Locating BYU UUG Books

Jacob Albretsen jakea at xmission.com
Wed Mar 29 10:33:35 MST 2006


As some of you know, the BYU UUG has a library of books.  Often times, people 
forget to return these books.  I'm sending this message to PLUG because I 
know that many people move to PLUG after they leave BYU.   Many of the UUG 
books do not get turned back in.  I'm posting ones of interest that have not 
been returned for quite some time in hopes that someone will give them back.  
Please contact me to make arrangements to return any books you have. Thanks 
for your help.

Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition
Checked out to <Invalid User> since ???

Essential CVS
Checked out to Mark Gardner since January 21, 2004

Managing and Using MySQL, 2nd ed.
Checked out to William Boardman since April 5, 2005

MySQL Enterprise Solutions
Checked out to <Invalid User> since June 16, 2003

Ruby in a Nutshell
Checked out to <Invalid User> since May 20, 2003

Running Linux, 4th Edition
Checked out to Joseph Smidt since January 5, 2006

 Web Privacy with P3P, First Edition
Checked out to Mark Gardner since January 20, 2004

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