Python Programmer/Debian Admin Job

Steve smorrey at
Tue Mar 28 13:28:33 MST 2006

You know what Navy stands for?
Never Again Volunteer Yourself ;)

Seriously though have a good time in boot camp.
It's not as bad as the movies (it's worse).

Once you make it out of bootcamp though, the Navy becomes a whole
different world, so stick to it.  I'm no longer a sailor, but I was. 
It wasn't too bad all in all, but there isn't enough money in the
world to make me sign those papers again.

Anyways good luck, and say hello to the Admiral at Great Lakes for me,
he's a Mormon FYI and when I was in bootcamp I was RPO of the chapel
(great gig if you can get it, you get to spend alot of time away from
your division and your RDC).

Ok well I'm out of bootcamp survival tips, except for don't buy
ANYTHING at the exchange at bootcamp, it's 2-3x as much as the one
just up the road at the Naval Station Great Lakes.


On 3/28/06, Tyler Strickland <tyler at> wrote:
> I'm currently working on a small contract job doing some python (spyce)
> web programming and running the server it's on.  Unfortunately, I've
> joined the Navy and am leaving for boot camp in a couple of weeks and
> won't be able to continue on the job.  It's mostly done, but will need
> some finishing work, occasional fixes, and whatever it takes to keep the
> server running (shouldn't be much).
> Here's what's involved:
> - python/spyce web programming
> - Debian server administration - apache, postfix, spyce
> So if someone wants a side job to fill some hours and earn a few extra
> dollars, toss me an email and I'll fill you in on the details.
> Thanks,
> Tyler
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