No executables in /tmp

justin gedge jgedge at
Tue Mar 28 09:32:26 MST 2006

As I'm reading this thread- I'm wondering- is there a way to compile 
perl so it wont accept code from STDIN, or from an ARGV, or is this just 
something that's inherrited by the way UNIX lets you call shells w/ the 

I know the #!/usr/bin/perl along w/ an executable file tells UNIX that 
you need to run the /usr/bin/perl executable- is everything else in the 
script passed to perl through STDIN, it can't be- there has to be some 
other mechanism-

so- now I'm curious if there's a way to disable perl's ability to 
interpret code from STDIN, or and ARGV as shown in the two examples and 
still have it run standard perl scripts that start w/ traditional shebang.


Jeff Schroeder wrote:

>....Basically this just takes the arguments to "perl blah blah" and checks 
>whether the first one begins with "/tmp", then also checks whether /tmp 
>is the current directory.  It would prevent things like
>perl /tmp/
>cd /tmp ; perl
>Although it wouldn't stop
>cat /tmp/ | perl
>or even
>perl /./tmp/

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