Managing multiple computers at home

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Sun Mar 26 18:54:44 MST 2006

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006, "Andrew Jorgensen" wrote:
> Below is my Unison config file that I've been using for some time now
> (some data changed, of course).  I'm not sure, but I think what I use
> in my config file is basically what you want for your "subscription"
> idea.

The parts that seem missing from Unison are (I think):
  a) I'm sitting on my laptop and I'd like to "browse" the server to see 
what folders are available to "subscribe" to; I select one, click 
"subscribe" (or something similar) and it starts copying, and adds the 
path to my config file for nightly syncs

  b) I'm sitting on my laptop and the drive is getting kind of full, so I 
select a folder that I'm currently subscribed to and say "unsubscribe". It 
asks me if I want to delete the local copy or leave it there; I choose to 
delete the local copy and away it vanishes.

Neither of these are big issues and can easily be dealt with by creating a 
wrapper of some sort. Can Unison "push" changes from the central server, 
or do the clients have to be running some sort of cron job themselves? 
(Easy on OS X, not as easy on WinXP. But then again, the laptop probably 
won't be always-on anyway.)

> The only weakness is that it's not automatic, but I'm not
> entirely convinced that's a weakness.  It's worked out very well and
> I'm still quite happy with it but I'd rather be using iFolder.

I think iFolder manages both of the above scenarios, but the automatic 
nature of it makes me give pause. I have to wonder what would happen if I 
happened to be working with a lot of large files, moving them around or 
other manipulating a lot of data locally--would it be trying to replicate 
all that data in somewhat real-time? I don't particularly want that 
performance hit. I'd actually prefer a nightly job. But perhaps iFolder is 
configurable in this respect--I'll take a look at it as well. (Oh, and the 
Mono/GTK# thing kind of turns me off too.)

 	~ Ross

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