Managing multiple computers at home

Bart Whiteley bart.plug at
Sun Mar 26 17:20:08 MST 2006

On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 02:15:32PM -0800, ross at wrote:
> It seems like what would be coolest would be something where I could, for 
> example, have everything stored on the Linux box as a central server, and 
> then each computer could "subscribe" to a subset of directories, which are 
> then cached locally and changes mirrored. For example, the Mac Mini might 
> subscribe to a directory of digital photos. If I plug my digital camera 
> into the Mac Mini and copy photos into that directory on the local hard 
> drive, that night they'll automatically get mirrored to the server. If I 
> plug my digital camera into my Linux box and copy photos onto its local 
> hard drive, that night they'll automatically get sent to the Mac Mini.
> My Windows laptop could be "subscribed" to a different set of directories, 
> for example a directory containing a bunch of Windows games. If I'm on the 
> road and download a new game, when I get home that night I can sync up and 
> that game will be stored on the server. I could even have my Windows 
> laptop also subscribe to my digital photos directory, maybe to edit some 
> of the pictures or take them over to someone's house. While subscribed, 
> any new photos I downloaded to the Mac Mini would automatically get 
> mirrored to both the Linux box and the Windows laptop as well. If I was 
> running short of disk space on the laptop, I could unsubscribe to the 
> photos directory and everything would be deleted locally, but I could 
> sleep soundly knowing that all the photos were safe on the server. If I 
> ever needed them back on the laptop I could simply resubscribe and wait 
> for everything to copy back over.
> Does anything like this exist? 

You've just described iFolder, an open source project featured at a
recent SLLUG meeting (


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