This is just priceless

Shane Hathaway shane at
Fri Mar 24 23:26:20 MST 2006

Daniel C. wrote:
> Also, come on - it scans the entire file regardless of whether it
> finds what it wants on the first line or the last.  It's scanning a
> *log file* for information that should have accessible in memory
> somewhere - he was just too lazy to find out where the information is
> hiding.  This code works entirely on accident.  If you turned off
> logging, everything will crash for no apparent reason.  That's how
> this code was actually discovered.  If you change the logging code to
> not include the information he's looking for, same thing.  I can't
> believe you guys are defending this kind of crap.

No one is defending him.  Of course he's wrong, but it's a childish 
error.  Childish mistakes aren't as interesting to me as the kinds of 
mistakes made by more mature programmers.


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