Ethernet diagnostics software

Dave Smith dave at
Fri Mar 24 22:03:08 MST 2006

rorith at wrote:
>> This email is coming to you over 430 feet of cat5e cable, which is good
>> news, because it means that my "long-haul" ethernet link is working, at
>> least it appears to be. Does anyone know of any good software to test
>> and diagnose an ethernet network so I can be confident that I'm not
>> getting any dropped packets?
>> --Dave
> 'ifconfig' >.>
> But yes, Ethereal is probably good.

Can Ethereal diagnose the physical aspects an ethernet network? My 
understanding is that by the time Ethereal gets its hands on the data, 
any diagnosis of the physical network is impossible. I want to know if 
I'm getting any dropped packets, bit errors, and stuff of that nature. 
Something like netperf but for diagnosis of the physical stuff. Any 
other ideas?



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