PHP Developer Seeking Employment

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at
Fri Mar 24 08:47:19 MST 2006

> Maybe it's just me, but if I were a recruiter, I'd just go "Yeah
> whatever man" and keep moving.

If you were a recruiter, you'd just search monster, blast out emails to
anyone even close to qualified and then let them do all the work.  I
doubt you'd even be monitoring this list.

Or maybe that's just my experience with recruiters.  I remember the
Amazon recruiter that contacted me because of my Perl experience,
requesting that I call him.  So I did, and he didn't even know why I was
calling (I had to mention that he told me to call, to which he sounded
befuddled), and went on to ask about my Java and C++ experience.  Did he
even read my resume?


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