PHP Developer Seeking Employment

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Fri Mar 24 00:01:22 MST 2006

rorith at wrote:

  > You know what. I'm sick and tired of the language-ism on this mailling
> list. PHP is a perfectly valid language. It is just as capable as any
> other language, as long as you don't try and use it for purposes for which
> it was not intended. It is not an enterprise level language (though this
> could be debated). ... snipped ... Do I appreciate being
> treated as an inferior human being because of my current programming
> skillset? Hell no.

At times this list, as a whole, seems like "it" would step over it's own 
mother's body to get to the will before her body was cold. You need to 
step back and not let them get to ya.  I made that mistake when I first 
moved here and posted to the list for help ... not for a job though.  I 
have since devalued this particular local resource for such activities.

Java ain't going to be your savior right now, so just keep yer cool and 
things will work out.  But don't go off like this though; it devalues 
your personal brand (the cool cat wins the day over a hot head).  Other 
skills can be added later, if needs be.  Don't let the bigots and flame 
throwers get the best of you... for them it's just a game to see what 
entertainment they can contrive for their personal pleasure and/or for 
their bonding requirements with others on the list.

Mister Ed

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