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Mister E Mister.Ed at
Thu Mar 23 23:44:58 MST 2006

Daniel C. wrote:

> Hi I'm new here, I don't know anyone on the list, but please take some
> of your valuable recruiting time to solicit a resume from someone who
> can't be bothered to send it to you himself!
> Maybe it's just me, but if I were a recruiter, I'd just go "Yeah
> whatever man" and keep moving.

hell-o, when yer looking for a job, why not use all the resources at 
your disposal?  Even at the risk of being flamed, it shows guts or even 
fortitude.  Might not yield anything nor look professional, but the 
resource was utilized.  Constructive feedback was already 
offered/posted, so I will skip that portion, but I'll never cap on a 
feller that asks for help in finding a job in such a way.  But this 
reply makes me think of strappin on the holsters.

A recruiter is going to do better than just say "whatever man". 
Networking and recruiting takes skill and "love".  A recruiter that is 
smart is not going to trash everything with such an attitude (atleast if 
they wish to stay connected for long)... even if they don't like the 
method used by the prospective employee.  Normally they will offer 
advice (give the love), make a contact (show the love), file in the back 
of their mind for later (think about love) or just file it under G (deny 
the love), depending upon the value they see in the situation.  But to 
say "move on" would result in a regret later when that person either has 
the skill sets or runs a company that provides some sort of resource 
needed.  Basically, what goes around ... comes around.

It's also a "small town" technology wise.

In the end, such a attitude will come back to bite ya later... sometimes 

Mister Ed

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