PHP Developer Seeking Employment

rorith at rorith at
Thu Mar 23 23:23:04 MST 2006

> AHH HA HA HA HA!  HA HA.. hah... heh... whew.
> Thanks for the laugh buddy.

You know what. I'm sick and tired of the language-ism on this mailling
list. PHP is a perfectly valid language. It is just as capable as any
other language, as long as you don't try and use it for purposes for which
it was not intended. It is not an enterprise level language (though this
could be debated). It is not a low level high efficiency language. It is a
language for building small to medium sized websites that have dynamic

Does it have security flaws? Yes. Does Perl? Yes. Does Java? Yes. Does C?
Yes. Does /assembler/? Yes.

It is a language, like many other languages. I am a programmer. Could I
learn other languages? Sure. Will I? Most likely. Do I appreciate being
treated as an inferior human being because of my current programming
skillset? Hell no.

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