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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Mar 23 23:13:10 MST 2006

On Thu, March 23, 2006 22:11, Daniel C. said:
> AHH HA HA HA HA!  HA HA.. hah... heh... whew.
> Thanks for the laugh buddy.
> On 3/23/06, rorith at <rorith at> wrote:
>> I'm in the market for a new job. I'm looking for full time work, but I'll take
contract work if it's available. I'm looking for something in the $50k range. If
you want a resume, email me off list and I'll get you a copy.

I might offer some constructive criticism.

It appears that you are searching for a professional PHP programming position. I
commend your bravery for making this post to a list such as this. As I have followed
various threads I have been most impressed with the extremely skilled programmers
and all around hackers that contribute. Sometimes walking among giants can be
intimidating to say the least. I certainly feel their weight when a deep discussion
quickly surpasses my skill.

There are those that certainly will view PHP as a sub-standard language, not worthy
of a professional position. Regardless of that view there are many organizations
that do hire PHP programmers in a professional capacity. These programmers usually
bring more to the table than PHP, but there are exceptions.

As you are seeking a professional PHP programming position, keeping these items in
mind might help make your post more enticing to a future employer:

* Perhaps lead off with your resume, or a summary of it. Doing so will help to
establish your credibility as a PHP developer.

* Show clear leadership and detail of your PHP programming work. Perhaps you have
worked on a large PHP programming team. Or perhaps you have worked on a larger PHP
project you can share details about.

* Indicate your desire for a professional role. Remember that the crowd here is
mostly technical. While I'm sure some HR guys are hanging about - I would imagine
they are few. Why would a current PHP programmer want to take your information to
his manager? Why would he want to work with you?

I would love to see a new posting with more of this in mind. Remember that we all
want to see you succeed and put your best foot forward. Well, most of us any how. ;)

Other things to keep in mind (yes, some are redundant):
Why would I want to work with you?
Are you really skilled? What is the largest project you have worked on?
Do you understand the controversies surrounding PHP?
What other languages are you skilled with that show programming ability?
What additional technical achievements have you accomplished?
How badly do you want a job?
Are you aware of the fierce competition that exists for the very few professional
PHP programming positions out there?
Are you also aware of the large number of sub-standard PHP developers that would
offer little benefit to an organization seeking a professional?

My goal with this post is only to try and encourage a more professional dialog. It
is of course all my opinion. If you wish to clobber me on the head with my own
words, please be gentle. ;)

-Ryan Simpkins

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