PHP Developer Seeking Employment

rorith at rorith at
Thu Mar 23 18:56:45 MST 2006

> On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 18:04 -0700, Steve wrote:
>> In Utah?  I don't think any jobs pay $50k in a State where "Good Payin
>> Job" is $8 and thereabouts (check the paper if you don't believe me).
>> Good Luck and if you find a $50k job somewhere esp PHP developer lemme
>> know too, I'ld love to apply for it.
> /me cues Bryan to expound on the virtues of Java
> Decent paying jobs can be found in Utah, you just need the skills to
> merit the pay. Unless you're _really_ good, in my book PHP != skill.

Heh. I've been making 50k for the last year or so. Took me a few years to
get to that salary level through multiple jobs, but I certainly consider
myself to be reasonably skilled. Language has nothing to do with skill.

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