PHP Developer Seeking Employment

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Thu Mar 23 18:56:35 MST 2006

On 3/23/06, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> In Utah?  I don't think any jobs pay $50k in a State where "Good Payin
> Job" is $8 and thereabouts (check the paper if you don't believe me).
> Good Luck and if you find a $50k job somewhere esp PHP developer lemme
> know too, I'ld love to apply for it.

Gimme a break dude.  If you go into a job expecting to get paid 10.00
an hour, that is what they will offer you.  I can't speak for PHP as I
am a java developer but here are some realistic numbers for java
developers in Utah County.

Entry Level - Expect to get 50-65k at a start up or smaller company. 
Somewhere like novell would probably pay 60+ for a entry level java
developer with a degree.  My first entry level Java job WHILE IN
SCHOOL paid 50k in Orem.

Mid Level - Expect to get 70-85k a year at a place like novell.

Sr. Level 80-100k at a business like Novell.  I did know several
people making 100-150K at Novell but it is rare.

Where I live in now in North Carolina, Sr. Java Developers can expect
a pay range from 95 - 120k a year.

If you are not getting these salary ranges, quit your job and find
something else.  People just seem to except lower salaries there with
no desire or motivation to move in life.

If PHP salaries do not pay as well, I suggest learning Java.  You can
bash it all you want but it pays well at the end of day.

I also suggest getting a degree.  I know several places locally (in
Utah) and where I currently work (North Carolina) that requires a
degree now regardless of how much experience one has.

Moral of the story:  If you are getting paid below market rates, stop
whining and do something about it.  Learn a new language, finish your
schooling, or move out of state.


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