Another C++ entry

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Mar 23 13:52:43 MST 2006

On 3/23/06, Michael Halcrow <mike at> wrote:
> So in short, without much more strictly defined controls, I would say
> that the wall clock running time is pretty much meaningless for this
> particular competition.
> Mike

You are correct.  This isn't very scientific.  The rules have been
very loose, and I've noticed differences already.  For example, the
original C++ version has the entries alphabetized, but the Java and
Python versions don't.  This gives an unfair advantage to those who
choose not to alphabetize the output.  Also, I only print out the
dictionary words if their is at lease a count of 1.  Others print all

These performance numbers aren't definitive of the languages involved,
but they are at least ball park representations of what a languages is
capable of (how fast, how many LOC).

I still find the results useful.  I so delight in concrete examples of
a language versus personal biased blatherings and political
positioning (I'm just as guilty as anyone else, so I'm not pointing
fingers :-)).


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