Moving to AF.. which ISP

Stephen shaw sshaw at
Tue Mar 21 14:52:48 MST 2006

Sterling Jacobson wrote:
> Hey Steve, long time no see!
> I think we've talked with your father and he's in one of the areas that is "problematic".
> There are a few areas in the AF network that are having long standing issues with throughput. Mostly CRC errors on the active Ethernet segments I believe.
> The majority of the network seems to work just fine though.
> So if you are thinking of getting the AF Broadband service you might want to talk to your immediate neighbors that have it and see what it looks like for them.
> The city is careful not to make promises of 20Mbps speeds.
> We advertise it as a burstable 10Mbps, which means it should reach that speed often. If it isn't then there is no recourse to get it faster though except to wait for the City to repair it on their time frame.
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> Dennis wrote:
>> OK, we're moving this week to American Fork.  I still haven't ordered
>> internet access and need some advise as to what to get.  I checked out
>> comcast but it seems to be way too $$.  It goes to $55/month (after 3
>> months) if you don't have cable tv through them.  AFconnect is $39 a
>> month.  There is always Quest DSL but I don't think I want to go there.
>> I'll probably go with AFconnect unless someone has some advise as to
>> what is best for a reasonable price.  I'm probably tainted because we're
>> coming from Spanish Fork where the cable speed was quite fast and not
>> too $$.
>> Thoughts?
>> -Dennis
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> My dad is on rapidwave on the afcity network(not necessarily a 
> reflection of rapidwave) and today I was only getting downloads of 56K 
> from every site I went to.  Firefox microsoft and familysearch.
> Stephen
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thanks for the post.  Thats good to know.  Sucks for those in those areas.


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