New results from "dictionary word count" programs...

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Mar 21 07:29:32 MST 2006

I was fed up with the lack of a fast C++ solution too, so I hacked one 
together this morning. When I say "hacked", I mean HACKED! I'm not quite 
ready to reveal it to the world. I need that King James Bible file. 
Anyone got a URL?


Sasha Pachev wrote:
> > With the prowess of this group, I'm really surprised no one did it
> > hand coded assembler.
> I am rather disappointed that nobody submitted an efficient C/C++ 
> solution, except for Jason's gperf one. I can understand why - it 
> takes a while to code, and I offered on prize money for winning the 
> CPU contest. And the guys that know how to write it already have jobs 
> they like, I suppose, and are quite busy.
> As good as the optimizers are today, if you write good C, the 
> optimizer will most likely beat human-coded assembler. However, I do 
> not think that good Java will beat good C on this.

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