New results from "dictionary word count" programs...

Jason Holt jason at
Mon Mar 20 18:02:53 MST 2006

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> There's still more fine tuning possible.  I've attached a version that 
>> shaves another second from the kjv100 test.
> Then, install psyco ( and run the attached 
> script.  I measure 4.9 seconds, which could put the Python + Psyco version in 
> 1st place, at least for a while. :-)

Mine still clocks in at 3.5sec on an Athlon64 3000+, and that's without using 
gcc.  What were the specs for Bryan's machine, I wonder?  Mine might be faster 
than his (or yours).

Incidentally, LOC for mine is 1578368.


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