Utah Open Source Planet

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Mon Mar 20 17:16:59 MST 2006

We have launched a blog aggregater based on Planet[1] for Utah's Open
Source Community.

Utah Open Source Planet:

If you blog and are an Open Source FRIEND/USER/HACKER/ZEALOT, we would
like to add your feed.  We don't care how frequent or infrequently you
post.  You don't have to always be "on topic" either (although, being
consistently and wildly off topic will get you quietly removed).  We
hope this will help the community grow a little tighter as people learn
who's out there and what interests they have.

We currently use the standard "hackergotchi"[3] style head shots so
readers will be able to "put a name to a face."  Also, a custom template
that will output strict XHTML is actively being developed.  After
completing the template, we will be accepting CSS themes for the new
Planet which we will be submitted back to Jeff Waugh for possible
inclusion in the official Planet source.  Lastly, we are working on
integrating it with Google Maps so you can see where all the bloggers
are located.

To be added, email me (gabe at gundy.org) directly with your
information.  Please follow this formatting example:

name = Gabriel Gunderson

After your feed is picked up, email us a high resolution head-shot to
make the hackergotchi from.  Don't bother editing or cropping it as it
often makes it harder to work with.

Please pass this information to others who might not follow this list
(or one of the many list that we spammed :P ).  We look forward to
seeing you on the Planet!


[1] http://www.planetplanet.org/
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackergotchi

Gabriel Gunderson

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