Tomcat and Servlets

Dennis devel at
Mon Mar 20 14:15:26 MST 2006

Bryan Sant wrote:
> Eclipse compiles as you type.  There is no wait.  If you're building
> web applications, and you're using JSP, then you don't have to
> re-compile either.  Just save your .jsp file and hit "reload" in your
> browser -- done.  It is no different than working with a dynamic lang.
That's just what I was getting at earlier with my comments about
developing some tag libraries and a few utilities to get around some of
the "re-compile/re-deploy" paradigm of most Java frameworks.  I've found
I can develop a small to mid-sized website without all that heavyness
(Think Struts/Spring) and be a lot more productive when I stick to
libraries I can use without having to recompile and reload my
development machine every time I'd like to make a change.

So the point was, that you can be pretty productive with JSP on Tomcat..
but that the Java community at large doesn't seem to be focusing on that
very much.  Why create a new ORM when you could use Hibernate?  Well,
Hibernate is grand, great, lots of features and works really well, but
when I want to add a column to a database field and map it.. I have to
add new getters/setters, modify the hibernate xml.. compile the changes
and reload my application. (I use xdoclet to do the xml by the way but I
was typing the worst case senario).  The alternative in a lot of other
changes is to add one line of schema information to your database
description class (I'm referring to things like RoR, turbogears et all..
the ActiveRecord crowd) and then program some functionality.  IDEs just
don't do that for you no matter how much they can do.


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