New results from "dictionary word count" programs...

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Mar 20 13:38:44 MST 2006

Sorry it took me so long.  Here are the updated results.  I only used
the fastest programs from each language.  Some of you may want to
re-submit an even better version of the program in your favorite
language -- please do so.  I don't want complaints about me not using
the best candidate for any given language.

I changed the test to use the file that Jason Holt pointed to --
kjv100 (43M).  The output was sent to /dev/null.

Here's the break down:

Java (1.5 using -server)
Avg Time:  6.81
LOC:  25

Python (2.4.2)
Avg Time:  8.12
LOC:  19

C++ (GCC 4.0.2 using -O3)
Avg Time:  9.51
LOC:  28

Perl (5.8.7 using File::Slurp)
Avg Time:  22.33
LOC:  6

Lisp (SBCL 0.9.2)
Avg Time:  46.844
LOC:  39

PHP (4.4.0)
Avg Time:  54.644
LOC:  23

Ruby (1.8.3)
Avg Time:  57.857
LOC:  15

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