Tomcat and Servlets

Dennis devel at
Mon Mar 20 12:33:07 MST 2006

Steve wrote:
> lol, assuming you don't count the wait time as eclipse loads.
> Last time I checked that alone would ste you back > 5 minutes
> On 3/20/06, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at> wrote:
>> On 3/20/06, Blake B. <shadoi at> wrote:
>>> verbosity of Java is a huge drawback, I'd definitely go with RoR.
>> This is only an issue if you're comparing a java developer using vim
>> or emacs to a Ruby developer using vim or emacs.  A modern java
>> developer will always be using a powerful IDE that virtually codes for
>> him.  The verbosity of java doesn't equate to keystrokes or time spent
>> coding.  I would challenge anyone to beat my productivity with Java
>> and Eclipse over any other language and tool.
Yeah, I've been through the eclipse, netbeans, intelli-j etc etc etc...
IDEs are nice and all but waiting for any project to compile gets beat
in my book by simply reloading the page.  I've developed with
Struts/Tiles, written my own framework, experimented with Spring,
Hibernate and pretty much every other framework available ( Tapestry and
the likes).   The simple stats are that for small projects, Java takes
longer to develop other frameworks (With the best IDE too)

I'm not trying to feed flames or argue or anything.. I just develop in
Java as well as other languages/platforms and so I speak from a fence
sitter position I guess.  Java people-don't try to say it is always the
best.  Other people-don't try to say Java doesn't have a place here and
there.  I've often looked long and hard for support in other languages
for things link Distributed Sessions, front end caching, etc only to
find that the only tools available are under development or not
production quality (python memcache/sqlalchemy/sqlobject) (Just a side
not sqlalchemy rocks even though it is still being actively developed). 

>> -Bryan
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