Tomcat and Servlets

Steve smorrey at
Mon Mar 20 12:14:28 MST 2006

lol, assuming you don't count the wait time as eclipse loads.
Last time I checked that alone would ste you back > 5 minutes

On 3/20/06, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at> wrote:
> On 3/20/06, Blake B. <shadoi at> wrote:
> > verbosity of Java is a huge drawback, I'd definitely go with RoR.
> This is only an issue if you're comparing a java developer using vim
> or emacs to a Ruby developer using vim or emacs.  A modern java
> developer will always be using a powerful IDE that virtually codes for
> him.  The verbosity of java doesn't equate to keystrokes or time spent
> coding.  I would challenge anyone to beat my productivity with Java
> and Eclipse over any other language and tool.
> -Bryan
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