Tomcat and Servlets

Blake B. shadoi at
Mon Mar 20 11:54:59 MST 2006

On Mar 20, 2006, at 7:48 AM, Dennis wrote:

> I've done quite a bit of work creating tools that can be used rapidly
> for jsp/servlets.  I have form validators and language tags that  
> replace
> struts stuff (so you don't have to reload the whole app when you  
> change
> something.. instead things just work when you refresh the page)  I  
> have
> a default struts action that calls a bean shell script depending on  
> the
> path and that helps a lot too.  I've noticed that that type of
> development just doesn't seem to be too popular in the Java world
> though.  You're right, there doesn't appear to be any reason that  
> things
> have to take so long with Java to develop, but I can't quite figure  
> out
> why there isn't yet a good ActiveRecord type framework for Java yet.
> (The ones started have gone nowhere and don't seem to have much  
> support.)

Article of interest: 

I'm not a fan of Java, but if you want an enterprise class ORM then  
it looks like Hibernate is a slightly better choice than ActiveRecord  
(Ruby on Rails).  But if you're working on small projects the  
verbosity of Java is a huge drawback, I'd definitely go with RoR.


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