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Mon Mar 20 08:48:15 MST 2006

Ross Werner wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 17:38:32 -0800, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at>
> wrote:
>> A simple filter could be written to do what you want.  I'll submit one
>> if you really need it -- I'm sure there is a few written out there
>> that do just that anyway.  However, what you're wanting is a model 1
>> type web application.  Most Java web frameworks are model 2.
> Actually, that's precisely what I'm trying to do--figure out how to
> make a Model 1 web application using servlets (not JSPs). Probably
> utilizing Freemarker in particular as a templating engine.
> One of the places I see Java lacking in is rapid web development
> (typically of Model 1 apps). I don't see any inherent reason why Java
> *should* be lacking in this department, so hopefully there's a way
> around it. My goal is to see if I can't find a suitable way, and if I
> can't, gather enough information to suggest that something be written
> to address this lack.
I've done quite a bit of work creating tools that can be used rapidly
for jsp/servlets.  I have form validators and language tags that replace
struts stuff (so you don't have to reload the whole app when you change
something.. instead things just work when you refresh the page)  I have
a default struts action that calls a bean shell script depending on the
path and that helps a lot too.  I've noticed that that type of
development just doesn't seem to be too popular in the Java world
though.  You're right, there doesn't appear to be any reason that things
have to take so long with Java to develop, but I can't quite figure out
why there isn't yet a good ActiveRecord type framework for Java yet. 
(The ones started have gone nowhere and don't seem to have much support.)

Well, that probably isn't any help at all, but if you have any specific
things you're trying to work on I've probably written something within
the past few years that I could share thoughts on.


(Things I've been up to lately involve python though :) )
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