[OT] BYU vs. Stupid People

C. Ed Felt ed at thefelts.net
Sun Mar 19 21:59:20 MST 2006

   Hans Fugal wrote:

Doesn't gmail stick this all in one "conversation" (at least until the
subject changes)? Just ignore the conversation, memorize the key
sequence x-y, or if you're really desperate set up a rule that filters
out anything for plug with the words church, mormon, or government
straight to the archive.

I think these discussions are silly at best too, but I also believe the
best way to deal with OT threads and Trolls both is to just ignore them.

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 at 21:14 -0700, Steve wrote:

Is there anything I can do via Gmail or some other setting to filter
this one thread out, I'm not LDS don't really care about BYU, don't
really care about mormons (nothin personal, I have lots of mormon
friends), the mormon church or the whole LDS experience. I do however
care about my local Linux Users Group, and would kinda like to keep my
information about the Provo Linux Users Group seperate from
theological debate.  Linux is enough of a religion for me thank you
very much.


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   I believe the convention for most e-mail lists is to simply add the
   [OT] or [ot] tag for "Off Topic" to the Subject line as I have added
   above.  Even something as simple as "off-topic" or "off topic" in the
   subject line works great as well.  Then those who don't want to read
   or see these emails, can ignore them as they get filtered to another
   folder (Thunderbird is very good at this).  I personally find these
   posts entertaining at least 80% of the time but get annoyed when I
   have little time to sift through the "off topics" to find the "real"
   topics.  It shouldn't take anyone in the heat of writing a response to
   fan the flame war, more than a few seconds to add it.
   Just my 2 cents.
   -Ed Felt


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