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Merrill Oveson moveson at
Sun Mar 19 09:12:43 MST 2006

I use Zen Cart for one of my sites,

It works really well!

On 3/16/06, Art Pollard <pollarda at> wrote:
> I'm in need of some shopping cart software for a little (well not
> quite so little) project.
> I would like to find "the best" solution without spending tons of
> $$$.  I don't mind it being hosted by someone else -- though I have
> my own server so I'd need a way to link to it somehow.  If I can host
> it on our Linux server, that is fine too.
> A few of the things I would really like are:
> * Easy customization of HTML / colors / custom graphics / etc.
> * Good UI for users.
> * Affiliates program
> * Inventory Control
> * Ability to notify multiple people in the advent of order
> * Usual billing stuff.
> * Ability to have more than one "catalog" -- this way I can have a
> second password protected catalog for wholesale orders.
> * Strong shipping options.
> * I'm not going to have 100's of products so it need not be db driven.
> * etc.
> I found one called ShopSite that looks very robust but it looks like
> it is pretty expensive though apparently, there are some hosted
> solutions (isps) that use it.  Does anyone have any recommendations
> for shopping cart software?  Any resources to find a good
> one?  Advise? Things to stay away from?
> Oh, and what is the project?  Well, my "little side project" is that
> I will be opening sometime this summer a chocolate factory in Orem --
> we will be making a high quality (European style) chocolate all the
> way from the cocoa bean.   We will be importing our own beans from
> Central America and other locations to turn into chocolate. I've
> spent the last year importing vintage chocolate manufacturing
> machinery and hopefully, sometime in the next few months, we will be
> up and running.  It's quite different than cranking code all day and
> gives me a good change in pace.
> Thanks,
> -Art
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