Tomcat and Servlets

Ross Werner ross at
Sun Mar 19 00:32:59 MST 2006

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 17:38:32 -0800, Bryan Sant <bryan.sant at>  
> A simple filter could be written to do what you want.  I'll submit one
> if you really need it -- I'm sure there is a few written out there
> that do just that anyway.  However, what you're wanting is a model 1
> type web application.  Most Java web frameworks are model 2.

Actually, that's precisely what I'm trying to do--figure out how to make a  
Model 1 web application using servlets (not JSPs). Probably utilizing  
Freemarker in particular as a templating engine.

One of the places I see Java lacking in is rapid web development  
(typically of Model 1 apps). I don't see any inherent reason why Java  
*should* be lacking in this department, so hopefully there's a way around  
it. My goal is to see if I can't find a suitable way, and if I can't,  
gather enough information to suggest that something be written to address  
this lack.

	~ Ross

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