BYU CS Department Opening

Ross Werner ross at
Sun Mar 19 00:27:52 MST 2006

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 21:44:38 -0800, Dave Smith <dave at>  
> Daniel C. wrote:
>> However, if I were to apply to work at BYU, I would have to be
>> "worthy" of a temple recommend.  Since I can't honestly say that I
>> believe in the literal existence of the Godhead, I'm not able to
>> qualify.  Note that, despite my agnosticism, I've maintained the
>> values I was raised with.  Other than paying tithing and belief in the
>> Godhead, I fully qualify for a temple recommend.
> I'm surprised to read the many heated posts in this thread that are all  
> based on a single FAQ entry, the validity of which seems questionable to  
> me. Do you really think that BYU requires its non-LDS employees to  
> affirm LDS church leaders as divinely appointed? Or to pay tithing to a  
> religion to which they do not belong? I sure don't.

I'm curious, though--what about ones like Daniel who are technically LDS,  
or someone who happened to be baptized Mormon but raised in a different  
faith? Would BYU allow them to apply as a non-LDS employee?

	~ Ross

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