BYU vs. Stupid People

Erin Sharmahd erins at
Sat Mar 18 21:12:58 MST 2006

> You do not know Michael, and you certainly have no right to call him
> stupid.  You do not know why Michael would feel the way he feels, and
> statements such as yours are not constructive in this thing.

I'll admit that I don't know Michael at all, outside of my interactions
with him on mailing-lists.  

I don't agree with Halcrow's views on this issue, but I don't know the
reasons behind his feelings, nor do I feel that I (or anyone else) has
the right to judge his views as stupid.

As much as I disagree with Halcrow, I certainly do *not* think he's
stupid.  I respect the fact that he knows a *ton* more about programming
and software development than I do, and he has successfully accomplished
projects that I can't even hope to be able to do at some point in my

Judging someone as stupid (or smart) based on their views on a single
subject is poor form, and generally very incorrect.


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