BYU CS Department Opening

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Sat Mar 18 20:01:52 MST 2006

I'm glad someone brought this up because I'm facing a similar
situation.  I was raised LDS, but have recently become seriously
agnostic.  I haven't taken the step of having my name removed from the
records of the church because I didn't see a reason to do so.  I have
no feelings of animosity to the church.  As far as a system of beliefs
goes, it's not too shabby.  In fact, some of the most upstanding,
honest, and reputable people I've known were devout members of the LDS
religion.  I have some friends who have left the church and like to
knock it regularly, and we've had arguments about it.  In the end they
agreed not to do so around me.

However, if I were to apply to work at BYU, I would have to be
"worthy" of a temple recommend.  Since I can't honestly say that I
believe in the literal existence of the Godhead, I'm not able to
qualify.  Note that, despite my agnosticism, I've maintained the
values I was raised with.  Other than paying tithing and belief in the
Godhead, I fully qualify for a temple recommend.

Given my situation, should BYU refuse to hire me?  I uphold the
standards they require of students and employees.

On 3/18/06, Andrew McNabb <amcnabb at> wrote:
> I'm very glad that BYU practices this "religious discrimination."  I
> would be opposed to any change in the policy.  Let me explain.
> It's great that BYU lets people who aren't LDS come to BYU.  But I think
> that people who have left the Church are in a completely different
> situation.  If someone *used to be* Mormon, there are two possible
> reasons:
> 1) They were excommunicated.  People are excommunicated if either it
> hurts the Church's name for them to be able to say they're Mormon or if
> they've broken serious commitments.  In either case, I don't think the
> Church should expend resources on their behalf before these problems are
> resolved (and I always hope they will be resolved).
> 2) The person willingly removed their name from the records of the
> Church.  Forgive me for generalizing from my own experiences: most of
> the people I have met who have been apathetic toward the Church just
> stop going.  Most of the people I have known have removed their records
> from the Church do it because of hostile feelings.  Should the Church
> spend money for someone who is hostile toward it?

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