PHP vs Perl (Put on flame proof gear)

Steve smorrey at
Sat Mar 18 19:39:06 MST 2006

Ok so I've long since lost the original point of the post...  And I
want to get it back on track.
Assuming a coder who is equally proficient in PERL and PHP, which
language would be the better tool for this type of task (I'm thinking
I might take bids on this eventually, it's starting to look outside of
my scope of expertise)

sorting data coming in from the various subscription APIs.
Determining levels of access to various portions of the site.
Setting those access levels.
Removing access when told to do so by the payment API or by me.
Notifying me of each and every activity taken in a batch format say
once per day (don't want my inbox filling up with notifications for
all the traffics).
Keeping track of whom has what access to what sections.


On 3/18/06, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> Stuart Jansen wrote:
> > Admit it, you don't actually mean "C++", you mean "the subset of C++ I'm
> > familiar with and use".
> >
> Are you implying that I don't understand every cobweb covered corner of
> the C++ standard library? How dare you! ;)
> It has been said that C gives you enough rope to hang yourself, and that
> C++ gives you that same rope and adds a slippery floor. That's why a
> good C++ coder will take advantage of the language's best features and
> use the rest carefully, if at all.
> --Dave
> P.S. C++ certainly has some warts. I really dislike the iostream API for
> formatting output. printf() got that right 30 years ago. Try formatting
> an integer for scientific notation with cout. Not fun.
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