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Sat Mar 18 12:33:49 MST 2006

Don't you have anything better to whine about?

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 10:21:29PM -0600, Michael Halcrow wrote:
> Furthermore, I brought up the issue not too long ago about how BYU
> would not consider my application to its MBA program because of my
> religious pedigree:
>  -
> Now I personally would not consider this position, but I am sure that
> there are several former Mormons in the Salt Lake area (and on this
> list) who would consider applying for this position for its
> professional merits alone. The employment FAQ states that you do not
> have to be Mormon to work at BYU. However, when it comes to BYU's
> academic programs, if you *used to be* Mormon, BYU considers you to be
> in a ``special category'' and will not admit you. Would this same
> practice of religious discrimination also apply to potential employees
> at BYU?

I'm very glad that BYU practices this "religious discrimination."  I
would be opposed to any change in the policy.  Let me explain.

It's great that BYU lets people who aren't LDS come to BYU.  But I think
that people who have left the Church are in a completely different
situation.  If someone *used to be* Mormon, there are two possible

1) They were excommunicated.  People are excommunicated if either it
hurts the Church's name for them to be able to say they're Mormon or if
they've broken serious commitments.  In either case, I don't think the
Church should expend resources on their behalf before these problems are
resolved (and I always hope they will be resolved).

2) The person willingly removed their name from the records of the
Church.  Forgive me for generalizing from my own experiences: most of
the people I have met who have been apathetic toward the Church just
stop going.  Most of the people I have known have removed their records
from the Church do it because of hostile feelings.  Should the Church
spend money for someone who is hostile toward it?

Michael, I've observed that you enjoy stirring up controversy.  Am I
mistaken?  Especially after having looked at your website, when I
imagine you attending BYU again, I picture someone trying to start an
argument about the Church whenever you can, in or out of class.  Is that
the sort of experience BYU is trying to create or that it's students are
looking for when they attend?

Andrew McNabb
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