[OT] Re: BYU CS Department Opening

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Sat Mar 18 10:33:32 MST 2006

Michael Halcrow wrote:
> If that is still the case -- that is, if
> the 10% wage reduction is mandatory as a condition of employment --
> then BYU has the ethical obligation to adjust the advertised effective
> wages accordingly, since they would be competing for labor against
> $50k positions offered by other companies, not $55k positions.

BYU is mainly competing for members who pay tithing regardless of where 
they work.  Among that group, $55k sets the correct expectation.

> The employment FAQ states that you do not
> have to be Mormon to work at BYU. However, when it comes to BYU's
> academic programs, if you *used to be* Mormon, BYU considers you to be
> in a ``special category'' and will not admit you. Would this same
> practice of religious discrimination also apply to potential employees
> at BYU?

Perhaps you realize that the law specifically allows private 
organizations to discriminate in certain ways.  All-girl schools exist, 
for example.  BYU is smart to allow non-LDS, but the law doesn't require 
them to do so.


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