PHP vs Perl (Put on flame proof gear)

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Sat Mar 18 08:02:44 MST 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 01:46 -0700, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> To me it seems you just answered your own question. If you are going to be
> the programmer, do it in a language you understand. You are probably
> already familiar with the ins and outs of PHP programming. You can more
> than likely get a job done quickly using it. In addition, you will
> probably end up with a more secure program that fits the needs of your
> users if written in the language you are most comfortable. People may
> argue that one language is more secure over the other. In this case,
> however, it all comes down to you and your ability to write properly
> documented, secured, and designed code.

I'm an ardent PHP hater, but Ryan is right. Use the tool you know best.

And during the evenings, instead of watching TV, repent and learn Ruby.
Or Python. Or Perl. But not Java, because while it's a much better
designed language than PHP, it's still evil. As for C++... it should be
obvious to any right thinking person that C++ is at least an order of
magnitude more evil than PHP or Java.

After you've learned Ruby/Python/Perl, you should learn either Scheme or
Lisp. Even if you don't use either regularly, you'll learn new skills
that can be applied to Ruby/Python/Perl but can't be applied to more
impoverished languages like PHP.

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Configuration files should be hand coded C statically linked into 
the binary. If you can't write C, you have no business telling 
software what to do.
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