PHP vs Perl (Put on flame proof gear)

Steve smorrey at
Sat Mar 18 01:31:13 MST 2006

Ok I'm sure this will start a flame war of some kind or another, but
it's not meant to be, nor is meant to be a troll of any kind.

I have a website that has grown WAY beyond the scope I initially
imagined for it.
I went from handling 5-10 requests per day to having over 500+
registered users with 10-20 new signups everyday.  This is all in the
4 months we have been in operation.

I have started seeing dollar signs, and would like to offer
subscription services, to my members.

I offer the following services...

eLearning (people come and learn things like how to mod and code for a
particular game engine)
SVN access (All code samples which is what the majority of people are
here for, are in the SVN repository)
SSH Access (People can familiarize themselves with the linux command line)
Dedicated Server Leases (People can rent a dedicated server for $50 per month)

Anyways, I am running a website based on moodle eLearning CMS software
to handle the eLearning portion of the site. (It's in PHP)
I have SVN access being handled by a perl script given to me by PayPal.

And dedicated server leases are currently handled by hand.

What I would like to do is unify all of this into a single program so
I can keep track of who is allowed what services easier.

I'm of two minds about the whole thing, either create a module for
moodle to do this, in PHP or write a script in Perl to handle all of

I'm a fairly decent programmer in PHP, but am just re-familiarizing my
self with Perl, and I would like some thoughts as to which language
would be better suited to handling an automated subscription system
like this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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