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Fri Mar 17 21:21:29 MST 2006

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 11:22:34AM -0700, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 09:32:16AM -0700, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> > Any chance of finding out what the salary range and benefits are?
> I just called the employment people.  A pay level of 55 has a
> starting salary of $55,912, "negotiable upwards based on experience
> and education."

From the employment FAQ at

Q: Do LDS employees need to hold a current temple recommend to work
   for BYU?
A: No, but LDS employees need to be temple worthy.

If I recall correctly, ``temple worthy'' equates with ``able to pass a
temple recommend interview in that you can be granted a temple
recommend,'' which, from what I understand, will only happen if you
are a full tithe payer.

Does this mean that Mormon BYU employees *must* be returning 10% of
their income to the religious institution that owns BYU in order to
keep their jobs? I recall reading a letters to the editor in the
student newspaper some years back addressing this practice; one letter
was from a former BYU employee who lost his job because of it.

If this requirement is still in effect, this this salary has an
effective compulsory reduction to $50,321, even if a BYU employee
later decides that he does not wish to donate his money to the church
any more (I would not be at all surprised if this happens frequently
among current BYU employees). If that is still the case -- that is, if
the 10% wage reduction is mandatory as a condition of employment --
then BYU has the ethical obligation to adjust the advertised effective
wages accordingly, since they would be competing for labor against
$50k positions offered by other companies, not $55k positions.

If an employee, regardless of his religious affiliation, can take this
position and truly pocket the full amount reported on his W-2 form if
he wants, without putting his employment in jeopardy, then this
obviously is not a problem, and BYU can ethically advertise $55k for
the position. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Furthermore, I brought up the issue not too long ago about how BYU
would not consider my application to its MBA program because of my
religious pedigree:

Now I personally would not consider this position, but I am sure that
there are several former Mormons in the Salt Lake area (and on this
list) who would consider applying for this position for its
professional merits alone. The employment FAQ states that you do not
have to be Mormon to work at BYU. However, when it comes to BYU's
academic programs, if you *used to be* Mormon, BYU considers you to be
in a ``special category'' and will not admit you. Would this same
practice of religious discrimination also apply to potential employees
at BYU?

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