Shopping Cart Software

Jason Holt jason at
Fri Mar 17 01:28:45 MST 2006

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Art Pollard wrote:
> I found one called ShopSite that looks very robust but it looks like it is 
> pretty expensive though apparently, there are some hosted solutions (isps) 
> that use it.  Does anyone have any recommendations for shopping cart 
> software?  Any resources to find a good one?  Advise? Things to stay away 
> from?

I wrote the HTML-generating back end for ShopSite 2.0 back in about 1996 at 
225 N. University Ave in Provo.  We couldn't be sure people would have perl5, 
so we made sure everything worked in perl4.  Lots of typeglob operator (*foo) 
stuff.  Couldn't speak for its current state, though :)

You might check out Interchange.  It's a very mature Free project that RedHat 
bought from our .com in about 2000 and used for their ecommerce consulting 
arm.  Endpoint Corp. ( has a bunch of the guys from those 
days, and many of them are locals.  You might look to them for 
support/outsourcing of Interchange work (and might find several of them on 
this list who could help with user group tech support).


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