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I have a personal leaning towards ShopSite, but that may be because I
used to do support for it quite some time ago ('98-ish). I can't say
much about it nowadays, but it was a very easy to use system able to
make do most anything you want to do.

Miva Merchant is quite popular, but I personally find the interface
clumsy, especially if I want to import/export data to build my store. It
has a lot of support and has a large module building community, but
modules get to be pretty pricey in their own right.

- From my experience, you can expect to pay a lot for a straight license,
primarily because you are paying for support and upgrades for you on an
individual level. Going with a host that provides the cart  is generally
better for you because you'll deal with your Host's support for help
with your store rather than a 3rd party not necessarily familiar with
your specific settings, which will also mean you have to do the
upgrades/maintenance of the store.

If you never expect to get beyond a few products and you have access to
someone that can write some reasonably decent code, you may be better
rolling your own up front, but make sure to consider your long term
costs of maintenance as well. Good luck in your quest and let us know
when you are open for business.

- -Chris Simiskey

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