external text filters for thunderbird - anyone know how...

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Thu Mar 16 11:25:20 MST 2006

Kind of an ?interesting? problem.

little history:

we've had internal perl classes that have been taught at work here-- and 
I was showing one of my  colleagues the beauty of CPAN.org- trying to 
show him how there were modules for just about EVERYTHING.  My 
co-workers first word in  ``cpan search'' was ``Clouseau'' and CPAN came 
back with:


We now have:


added to our ``local'' office perl install.  But to make Acme::Clousea 
and Acme::Yoda /truely/ usefull- I need a filter that could be called 
from thunderbird.

Not really a serious problem- but if anyone knows how to tie an external 
filter into thunderbird-- I think I've found a filter I'd like to attach.

Justin Gedge

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