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Tue Mar 14 08:52:20 MST 2006

> To get the unique URL, look in the top right corner of the post.  It's
> got the thread ID followed by the post ID.  You can either right-click
> it and copy the link, or just give someone the thread/post number.
> Recreating the URL is not difficult.
> Alternately, if someone is already at the forum, they can enter the
> thread/post number in the same format at the bottom of the left frame
> in the "Navigate" box.

That's a pain. Why force the user to have to right click and copy-n- 
paste simply to bookmark the site or to retrieve the URL to send to  
someone? Also, my browser history only shows one URL for all of the  
pages that I have visited on that site.

What are the benefits that you feel frames give that cannot be  
accomplished with scrollable divs?
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