Daniel C. dcrookston at
Tue Mar 14 08:51:55 MST 2006

By the way - last I heard, the front page for Teh Forum
( had a pretty high Google ranking.  I don't have the
Google toolbar installed ('cause I'm not using IE) so I can't check
it's current status.

The only reason I remember this is because there was a discussion
regarding whether or not to sell links on the highly-ranked page.

On 3/14/06, Gregory Hill <Gregory_Hill at> wrote:
> I've heard both that and that search engines have trouble with frames,
> yet framed sites rank highly in google search results commonly.  Does
> anyone have actual experience trying to use screen-reader software on
> framed sites?
> Not that I'm advocating the use of frames, I'm just curious whether this
> is a commonly-repeated myth or truth.
> Greg

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