Marc Christensen marc at
Tue Mar 14 08:50:37 MST 2006

Gregory Hill wrote:

> I've heard both that and that search engines have trouble with
> frames, yet framed sites rank highly in google search results
> commonly.  Does anyone have actual experience trying to use
> screen-reader software on framed sites?
> Not that I'm advocating the use of frames, I'm just curious whether
> this is a commonly-repeated myth or truth.

I worked at the Center for Disability Services at the University of Utah
for 6 years.  I helped students with disabilities use enabling
technology and have first-hand experience using Jaws and a couple other
screen readers with browsers.  Frames are problematic.  They are hard to
navigate, it's hard to follow a logical flow of a site when you don't
know or can't see the physical layout of frames relative to each other
and how targets get their content and to which frame data is sent and
how then do you get back to a menu frame from a frame you are currently
reading, etc.  It's possible but it can be very slow and painful.

Marc Christensen

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