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Mon Mar 13 09:30:31 MST 2006

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006, Hans Fugal wrote:

> On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 at 04:13 -0700, Daniel C. wrote:
>> Why is the use of frames such a big deal to so many people?  I really
>> don't get it.  Have you even looked at a running forum to get an idea
>> of what you'd be dealing with?  Or did you just see the word "frames"
>> in the feature list and make your decision based on that?
> I have no opinion on the BB issue, but I do have opinions about frames.
> Some of the reasons I hate frames:
> - frames sites are almost always too big for my browser and I end up
>  having to hscroll. I hate hscrolling
> - most of the stuff in most of the frames I want to see rarely, but it
>  takes up about half the available space and makes the main content too
>  small or hard to read.
> - the wrong frame always has focus and space/pgup/pgdn/up/dn don't work.
>  I hate mousing.
> - I fling URLs around like a basketball team player, and my preferred
>  method is to hit cmd-l to get the URL selected, hit cmd-c to copy,
>  cmd-tab to switch to where I'm flinging, and cmd-v to paste. This is
>  very efficient, until a stupid frames site comes along and I get the
>  URL to the main page which is almost worthless. There's the mouse
>  again.
> - people who still use frames generally are poor designers anyway so
>  it's a vicious cycle.
> and last but not least
> - fr4m3z are so 14m3. C55 i5 teh b0mb
> -- 
> Hans Fugal ;

I will have to agree with Hans, especially the last point.  The 
discussions on whether to use frames are legion and all of them deeply 
religious.  However, there are some very good reason to not use them. 
This link is one of many that discuss this.


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