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Sat Mar 11 19:19:23 MST 2006

In an interpreted language, the runtime and the developer parts are the
same. I don't know about CentOS, but on most linux distros you just
install the ruby package and you're set.

That said, you might not be so set for Neelix. It needs not only ruby
but some dependencies as well. It's also not _quite_ polished enough for
normal use, although it's close. I have a not-too-large list of bugs
that I need to fix before my wife will use it, but she's excited to when
I can get to it. (probably summertime) If you still want to give it a
whirl I can help you over email or IM off-list.

As for Ruby itself on Windows, go to

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 at 17:39 -0700, Lee Higginson wrote:
> So... out of curiosity I followed the link on Hans email signature
>  because I admire a lot of you guys for your
> geekness..  That got me looking at Neelix, the recipe management program so
> I thought I would try and run it because my wife has expressed interest in a
> program like that.  An hour and a half later, I still don't know what I'm
> doing so here's my question to the geek gods.  Since Ruby is an interpreted
> language, where do I get the "runtime environment" as I would assume there
> would be some kind of thing like that.  I'm trying to run it under WinXP
> and/or CentOS 4 but I can only find documentation on programming with Ruby.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks, 
> Lee
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